Somos Arte: The Creative Movement of El Salvador is a documentary currently in production highlighting a contemporary wave of art in El Salvador. The series will shine a light on the stories behind the artists who have pushed various art forms to national prominence. The documentary takes you into the heart of this movement with exciting interviews, behind the scenes footage, and an exclusive look into the lives of these artists.

Our team is made up of folks who work in the TV and film industry, folks who run their own small record labels, event producers, podcasters, radio show hosts, and small-scale food entrepreneurs, so we have years of experience problem solving and working independently behind the scenes in various creative industries. As Salvadoran Americans, we’re excited to be developing a project that will help build ties between incredible cultural producers in the country in which we live and the country we have such strong generational ties to. We know that learning about arts and culture in El Salvador sparks something for younger generations in the US—  the same spark that made us want to know more about what was happening in the country. Our team wants folks in the US to hear a different story about El Salvador, one that allows the diaspora to re/connect with a vibrant, contemporary arts scene. Concretely, we want this project to generate interest in Salvadoran creatives. The opportunities to connect and collaborate are thereSomos Arte wants to be one of the ways to make them happen.


Erick Sanchez

Jonathan Barrera

Ricardo Santos

Marcela Vega

Marcela Vega