Over the last year we’ve been fortunate to receive support from the community. Whether it’s a social media direct message, a share, or a donation to our crowdfunding campaign, we want to let you know we appreciate every little bit of support. We’re well aware this is an ambitious initiative, and it is important to us that we maintain transparency every step of the way. The truth is, with your support we’ll be able to move one step closer to bringing this movement to life. Below is a break down of items your contributions will go towards:

  • Secure an El Salvador-based production crew to film the documentary
  • Rent the equipment necessary to make a high quality production
  • Pay for professional post production (editing, color correction, score, etc)
  • Help bring the artists to California for a launch event in September- (costs for launch event- talent visas, space, paying artists)
  • Blanket license to protect us from any infringement 


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