The Somos Arte Podcast launches October 5th!

On October 5th, we’re launching “The Somos Arte Podcast.”

The Somos Arte Podcast is a five episode limited series documenting the journey leading up to the production of the documentary film, Somos Arte: Una Industria (streaming on YouTube). From the project’s inception all the way through filming on location in El Salvador, hosts Gloria Figueroa and Erick Sanchez give a detailed first hand perspective of what it’s like working on a cultural project unlike any other. Featuring rare audio clips, and exclusively Salvadoran music, this podcast is an extension of the overall multinational campaign known as Somos Arte: The Creative Movement of El Salvador.

You can stream the trailer here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/6xjH89x52XX8aILEJRKe3K?si=d0df1635a3d74b0f

Artwork by Jenni Dahbura

Production provided by Normandie Records

Theme song by Audio Maldito

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