NFT Collections by Salvadoran Artists

NFT, which stands for Non-Fungible Token, is a form of digital collectible that lives on an open ledger (or record) specific to cryptocurrency known as the blockchain. In 2021, NFTs entered mainstream culture with a number of monumental headlines. Over the last 12 months we have seen household names such as Adidas, Marvel, and the NBA adopt this new technology that allows people to monetize digital tokens. In short, this technology provides authentic ownership of digital assets such as art, photography, music, films and much more.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club is a collection of 10000 unique Bored Ape NFTs— unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. It is currently one of the most popular collections in the world costing about 71ETH ($266,534)

Brands and creators of all levels are adopting this technology to give fans and supporters a much more integrated experience through unique collectibles, social tokens, and more elaborate experiences in the metaverse. While many consider the current period of NFTs an inflated gold rush period, there are thousands of up and coming artists who are creating and developing unique collections for their communities.

If you’re familiar with our work, we’re all about highlighting Salvadoran artists who elevate the creative culture in new and innovative ways. So we are excited to highlight Salvadoran artists making noteworthy work in the metaverse and NFT space.

Below are Salvadoran NFT projects you can support and collect.

Disclaimer: The following is not financial advice. Buy at your own discretion.

1. Zomalli by Rodo

Zomalli means courage in the native language of Nahuatl. This collection contains the first pieces by Rodolfo Diaz, one of El Salvador’s most renowned artists. The pieces showcase the work of women, Diaz’s distinct style of art ,and cultural heritage of his home country El Salvador.

Sofia is a 1 of 1 piece, currently available for 0.45ETH on Opensea

Zomalli lives on the Ethereum blockchain and is currently available on Opensea.
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2. Simulvcrv Gallery

Simulvcrv Gallery is a collection of futuristic 3D Sound Art pieces by Simulacra NET. Capturing the mystery that is the metaverse, this collection combines what we know about 2D with the imagination of a new 3D world.

Mind Room #001 is a 1 of 1 sound art piece currently available at .04 ETH on Rarible

Simulvcrv Gallery lives on the Ethereum blockchain and is currently available on Rarible.
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3. Fort Gotten

Fort Gotten is an NFT collection created by designers and filmmakers Sam Portillo, Roberto Burgos, and Carlos Arnecke. Fort Gotten takes you into a forgotten realm where each NFT is a missing child in this imaginative dimension. There are a total of 2,000 missing children. They will be immortalized on the Cardano Network, where they can never be deleted nor forgotten. Each inner-child’s artwork is unique, hand drawn, programatically created and hand-picked from over 1 billion possible combinations. Each collection is broken up into episodes. For every episode completed, a portion of the profits will go to Salvadoran non-profit organizations that help children foster their creativity.

Fort-Gotten Episode 1 tokens are available on CNFT.io

For Gotten lives on the Cardano blockchain.

Official Website

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4. Gabriela Triste Collection

The Gabriela Triste Collection contains exclusive artwork and music from the world of Salvadoran Pop/Urban artist Gabriela Triste. Each collectible comes with unlockable audio only accessible to token owners. Future airdrops are also expected.

Hoe World in a Yellow color variant is a 1 of 1 currently priced at .05 ETH

The Gabriela Triste Collection lives on the Ethereum blockchain and is available on Opensea.

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