Frida Muñoz (Velvetkid) prints are now available online

We are happy to announce you can now purchase official Frida Muñoz prints from the Somos Arte Shop. As we continue to grow Somos Arte, one of our main objectives is helping Salvadoran artists make their work accessible to a large audience. Frida is a very talented Salvadoran artist and a representative of what this new generation has to offer.

About Frida Muñoz

Frida Muñoz, also known as Velvetkid, is a self-taught digital illustrator based in El Salvador. Taking inspiration from modern fashion trends and internet culture, she creates bold and colorful art, showcasing the childhood nostalgia and loneliness of the modern woman.

You can choose from three original illustrations by Muñoz, Paint Window, Bathroom 22, and Cosmos vs Aliens.

Visit the Somos Arte online shop to order yours today!

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