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Somos Arte The Creative Movement of El Salvador

Somos Arte: The Creative Movement of El Salvador​ is a docu-series created and produced by Erick Sanchez and Jonathan Barrera. This documentary project highlights the contemporary wave of art currently on the rise in El Salvador. The documentary series shines a light on the stories behind the artists who have pushed and continue to push various art forms nationally in post-war San Salvador, El Salvador. Episode #1 titled “Una Industria” takes you into the heart of this movement. The episode is streaming exclusively on Vimeo starting Juy 15th, 2020

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Watch Episode 1: Una Industria

Behind The Scenes

This documentary series will be filmed entirely in El Salvador in an effort to show the world the cultural hubs throughout the Central American country. Episode 1 “Una Industria” was filmed in San Salvador, and Santa Tecla. Throughout the series, we will highlight key personalities, and spaces that have helped a generation express themselves freely in the post-civil war era of El Salvador.

For this project, we teamed up with Tripode Audiovisual, a production company based out of San Salvador, El Salvador. They have over a decade of producing, and creating some of the most important cultural documentaries in Central America. For more information visit www.tripodeausiovisual.com


We have collaborated with numerous creatives in El Salvador to create a community that briges the gap between Salvadorans and the general Latinx community in the United States. For many Salvadorans, the culture is often associated with street crime, and poverty. What we aim to do with this project is bring forth a different perspective of the culture that allows people of many generations to reconnect through the arts.

We have launched an exclusive merchandise line that features the phrase “Support The Art of El Salvador” which you can purchase in our online store. Each version will be designed by a different artist in El Salvador nominated by the previous artist.

Using the same approach of collaboration we have also released compilation albums through our mother company Normandie Records. With these musical releases we have provided a window into the musical scene in El Salvador and Central America.

You can purchase the Somos Arte Compilation exclusively on Bandcamp and the Centro America Tape 1 on Normandie Record’s Online Shop.

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