The Somos Arte Podcast

The Somos Arte Podcast is a five episode series documenting the journey leading up to the production of the documentary film, Somos Arte. From the project’s inception all the way through filming on location in El Salvador, hosts Gloria Figueroa and Erick Sanchez give a detailed first hand perspective of what it’s like working on a cultural project unlike any other. Featuring exclusively Salvadoran music, this podcast is an extension of the overall grassroots initiative known as Somos Arte: The Creative Movement of El Salvador.

Artwork by Jenni Dahbura

Episode 1: Disconnected

On Episode 1 we go all the way back to the beginning. We discuss some of the key events that led up to the creation of this project. We also examine how our experience as Salvadoran Americans contributed to our desire to learn more about our culture. How did the negative stigma of El Salvador affect our identity? Tune in to hear as we discuss these topic and much more on The Somos Arte Podcast!

Featured music:

El Dablo by Cartas A Felice

Adagio by Daniel Dominguez

Tus Besos by Cartas A Felice

Theme song DRGS.002 by Audio Maldito

Special thanks to Karla Cativo

Episode 2: One In The Same

On Episode 2 we discuss how Gloria got involved with the project and her experience meeting Salvadoran artists for the first time. Included in this episode are sound clips recorded at La Casa Tomada with Omnionn, Carol Hills, and Camelo. We discuss the similarities between Salvadorans and Salvadoran Americans, higher education in the Salvadoran communities, how artists in El Salvador brand themselves and what we can all learn from each other.

Featured music:

La Crisis En El Verso by Pescozada

Imperfecta by Carol Hills

Ya No Juegues Con Mi Amor by Camelo

Theme song DRGS.002 by Audio Maldito

Episode 3: One In The Same

On Episode 3 of The Somos Arte Podcast we discuss the process of building the foundation of Somos Arte. From choosing a name to collaborating with Salvadoran artists to design a logo, we go into the thought process behind the decisions. We also have an honest conversation about our experience crowdfunding and what we learned during the process of raising funds for the documentary.

Featured music:

Dimelo Tu by Audio Maldito featuring Carrot

Vacil by Primal Pulse

Dulces Ojos by Clement

On My Mind by AR Ferdinand

DRGS.002 by Audio Maldito

Episode 4: Filming “Una Industria” in El Salvador

On Episode 3 of The Somos Arte Podcast we discuss the process of building the foundation of Somos Arte. From On Episode 4 of the Somos Arte Podcast we take you into our experience filming our first episode, “Una Industria” in El Salvador! From the moment we land through some of the most important interviews we captured on camera. We reflect on some of the spaces we visited and some of the conversations we had with Salvadoran artists.

Featured music:

BOOMBAPERS by Snif & DJ Mook

Nada De Mi by Audio Maldito feat. Spuk, Jorge Gomez

Deseo by Camelo

Domingo by Gabriela Triste

DRGS.002 by Audio Maldito

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